GeMi Boats is a Norwegian brand. We design and produce rugged, high quality aluminium boats. Our boats have been thoroughly tested and used along the harsh Norwegian coastline, where they have proved their seaworthiness and durability.

Being out on the water is all about freedom, great adventures and safety. Being a boatowner should be easy and trouble free, so you can spend your precious leisure time out sailing or fishing.

Aluminium is a strong, light and almost carefree material ideal for boatbuilding. We use only top quality materials (marine grade aluminium 5083) and parts, and our boats are built by our own skilled craftsmen. That is why GeMi Boats are so rugged, durable and well suited for all year round use in all conditions.

GEMI ALUMINIUM BOATS - 17 to 26 feet in five different models:

  • CC: Center console/ open sportsboat
  • BR: Bow rider
  • BF: Big Fish with roof and center console
  • CAB: Cabin/ pilothouse: Gemi 800 CAB
  • SC: Side console

GeMi Boats Overview:

Gemi  aluminium boat

"GeMi 625 cc is the best aluminium boat I have ever had - and I have tried a lot of different boats!"

Branch manager Kurt Jeppesen, Saltstraumen Brygge Fishing Center (www.sfc.no). The company operates 25 rental boats and offer world class fishing

GeMi 530 CC Center Console
L.: 530 cm | B.: 200 cm | W.: 450 kg | Nr. of persons: 5 | Power range: 40-100 hk
GeMi 630 CC Center Console
L.: 630 cm | B.: 225 cm | W.: 840 kg | Persons: 7 | Power range: 60-150 hk
GeMi 730 CC Center Console
L.: 730 cm | B.: 250 cm | W.: 1220 kg | Persons: 10 | Power range: 100-300 hk
GeMi 630 BR Bow Rider
L.: 630 cm | B.: 225 cm | W.: 990 kg | Persons: 7 | Power range: 90-150 hk
GeMi 730 BR Bow Rider
L.: 730 cm | B.: 250 cm | W.: 1420 kg | Persons: 10 | Power range: 100-300 hk
GeMi 625 BF Big Fish
L.: 625 cm | B.: 225 cm | W.: 930 kg | Persons: 7 | Power range: 60-150 hk
2019-05-27 13.42.27
2019-05-27 13.42.27
GeMi 730 BF Big Fish
L.: 730 cm | B.: 250 cm | W.: 1320 kg | Persons: 10 | Power range: 100-300 hk
GeMi 800 CAB with WA cabin or full width. Inside seats for up to 10 persons.
L.: 799 cm | B.: 270 cm | W.: 1650 kg | Persons: 12 | Power range: 250-450 hk


If you like our boats and want to be the owner of one, that is no problem. GeMi Boats are available for the EU market incl. Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain.

We have demo boats available in Copenhagen, Denmark. We will happily assist with qoutes, export, freight/ logistics and any other service related to your purchase.

GeMi Boats EU

Copenhagen, Denmark

P.:+45 4252 2105

M.: post@gemiboats.com